John Muir's Birthplace Museum

Encounter John Muir, campaigner and conservation pioneer in this interactive museum celebrating his birth in Dunbar and life in Amercia.  Free entry to all displays.

John Muir was born in this building on the 21st April 1838 and lived here until 1849.  One night his father announced they would be sailing for America in the morning.  John embraced his new life and developed his love of nature and wilderness that inspired his lifelong work to preserve wild places and to promote their appreciation and enjoyment.  The building explores his legacy through permanent exhibits and interactive displays.  There is a small temporary gallery that hosts detailed exhibitions on Muir with contemporary art inspired by his life.  We welcome enquiries from individuals and groups who'd like to exhibit in our temporary gallery. 

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John Muir's Birthplace Museum

126 High Street
EH42 1JJ

Opening Hours

Reopens Tues 18th August.  Opening times Tues-Sat, 10am-5pm